Amita + Steve's Wedding

Wednesday, September 28th, 2022

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"This love story began in the beautiful city of Florence, Italy in the summer of 2019,” began Rita Labib, the photographer for today’s featured Wedding Wednesday. "Steve and Amita met at a mutual friends’ wedding, where Steve was a groomsman and Amita was a bridesmaid. They spent the night celebrating with friends and watched the sun rise over the Tuscan landscape. Despite living in different cities they kept in touch and fate ultimately bought them together as Amita’s career moved her to Chicago three months after they met."

“The couple has a family home in Scottsdale, where they frequently visit. The endless mountain views and mesmerizing sunsets inspired their decision to get married in the desert. Amita and Steve celebrated with their loved ones for three days under the Arizona sun, including both a Hindu and Jewish ceremony. Coming from vibrant cultures, they wanted to capture all the traditions and rituals that are unique to their religions. The weekend was a beautiful fusion of great food, music and LOTS of dancing — including the Hora and Indian dances performed by their friends and family!”

What a spectacular wedding weekend! We at Allure love nothing more than seeing our lovely brides and grooms incorporate special traditions into their nuptials. We wish Amita and Steve all the best!

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Gown: Allure Bridals 9514 | Photographer: Rita Labib, @alltheloverita

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