Ashton + Tyler's Wedding

Wednesday, November 13th, 2019

Ashtontyler feature

The holiday season is just around the corner, so we couldn’t resist a little splash of crimson, a little early golden hour and a whole lot of love seen in Ashton + Tyler’s wedding, perfectly described by the bride.

"The day moved with such ease. It felt like each moment of the day lasted a lifetime, but before I knew it, Tyler and I were wrapped in the biggest hug talking about how excited we were to get married in a couple hours. We laughed with our friends during pictures captured by Beloved Photography, snuggled our dogs before the ceremony, and cried like babies while reading our vows. Sharing those moments together made my heart swell. I’m not sure there are words to describe just how good we felt. It was perfect in all of its imperfections.

"After the sweetest first moments as husband and wife shared together on the roof of a parking garage nearby, we ate the most delectable prime rib, danced to Ed Sheeran, hugged our guests, and tried to express our gratitude for being able to share our day with so many loved ones.

In fifty years, I won’t remember that the rental company arrived late or that candle wax ruined a few table cloths. I’ll remember the look on Tyler’s face when he saw me in my dress, the way he squeezed my hands and whispered that he loved me, and finally, the view of our friends and families right after we said 'I do.'

"Did I mention it was the best day?"

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