Aubree + Seth's Wedding

Wednesday, September 16th, 2020

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It’s such a humbling and wonderful experience for us to be able to share weddings that have taken place during such a challenging season for everyone. Covid-19 has changed countless wedding plans, which has further strengthened our goal to always to bring a smile and a little extra joy to our brides’ wedding days. Aubree + Seth not only had to change their entire wedding due to the pandemic, but had extra heartache added to their wedding week.

When Aubree shared their story, we just knew we had to share it with you — a story full of sweetness, sadness and the healing power of love in difficult times.

"For 14 months we had planned on a large wedding in Holland, Michigan,” said Aubree. "Little did we know, God had something much sweeter in store. With 30 days to go, big decisions were made to change the size and location of our wedding to ensure the health and safety of our friends and family.

"We began planning a backyard extravaganza at “The 305”. The 305 is the home where my Nana Pat and Papa Bud planted their roots. It is the keeper of my childhood memories. With 28 days to go my mom and I had an entirely new plan for the wedding. You read that right… 48 hours later and we had a tent, catering, cake, flowers, videography, photography, lawn services… you name it, we had it accounted for, in an entirely new location with many new vendors! With seven days to go Seth, my husband, was power washing the concrete around the house; Grace, my sister, and I were planting fresh flowers, Green Side Up was mowing the lawn; my mom was potting succulents and preparing fine details for the big day, and Nana Pat was shimmying (as we call it) from every corner of the house to ensure that each task was executed properly. Before we called it a day, she and I went over the layout of the backyard and the timeline just one more time.

"With 6 days to go, Nana Pat decided her seat would look better from heaven with Papa than it would from her own backyard. This was the hardest day of my life.

"The best day of my life was June 12th. I met my best friend behind the house that built me, in front of our closest family and friends to say, 'I do.' I wore something old — Nana’s diamond earrings, a gift from Papa Bud — something new — a bracelet which resembles the sun & reminds me of my Nana’s guiding light — something borrowed — Nana’s white Keds tennis shoes, which had never seen concrete or grass before June 12th — and something blue — Nana’s garter from April 15, 1951.” Such beautiful memories to make her wedding dress all the more special!

"While Nana was not physically with me on June 12th, I felt her presence throughout the entire day,” Aubree concluded.

We wish Aubree + Seth all the best and a beautiful beginning to their marriage! Thank you for allowing us to share your story, along with lovely photos from photographer Michelle Grover.

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