Chelsea + Matt's Wedding

Wednesday, July 1st, 2020

Chelseamatt feature

Today’s Wedding Wednesday is so beautifully captured that we were shocked when photographer Austin Mosier revealed it was the first beach wedding they ever photographed! "I recently moved to Fort Myers, Florida from Kansas City, Missouri to pursue my dreams as a wedding photographer. When I tell you that I gasped at every turn, it is no lie. The stunning dress, Chelsea's flawless hair, and the incredible location all came together to create the magical moments captured in these photos.

"Everything was such a dream. Chelsea and Matt were such fun and incredible people! They loved one another so deeply, and it was extremely obvious.”

We can definitely see the love shining out from every photo, and it makes this such a special feature to share! Thank you to Chelsea for choosing the ‘Julie' gown from our sister collection, Wilderly Bride, which we designed with the perfect beach wedding, just like this one, in mind.

Chelseamatt 1
Chelseamatt 3
Chelseamatt 2
Chelseamatt 4
Chelseamatt 6
Chelseamatt 5
Chelseamatt 7
Chelseamatt 8
Chelseamatt 10
Chelseamatt 9
Chelseamatt 16
Chelseamatt 11
Chelseamatt 12
Chelseamatt 21
Chelseamatt 14
Chelseamatt 17
Chelseamatt 20
Chelseamatt 19

Want to see more details? Check out the gallery below!