Karlie + Justin's Wedding

Wednesday, February 26th, 2020

Karliejustin feat

Today’s Wedding Wednesday feature brings us 100% spring wedding inspiration, straight from the camera of photographer Jordan Ruffner.

"Justin and Karlie’s love story began when they met at a dance competition five years ago,” said Jordan. "Time and distance kept them apart until they finally realized their timing was perfect. They knew right away that their lives just made sense together.

"Their wedding took place at the Glenward Gates Botanical Garden in Carson, VA. This place stuck out to Karlie not only because of the lush greenery and fountains, but because it was founded with love — The owners have rose bushes scattered on the property representing their own wedding anniversaries! The storms cleared that morning allowing friends, family and the owner of the gardens to make Karlie’s vision come to life. It was a beautiful, romantic and a perfect display of the love that Justin and Karlie share and will continue to share for the rest of their lives!"

What a sweet story! Want to see more of Karlie’s Wilderly Bride gown? Click here. And then keep scrolling for all the beauty.

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