ShaKayla + Alex's Wedding

Wednesday, October 12th, 2022

Shakaylaalex feat

Who knew a boy from the south suburbs of Chicago and a girl from the desert of Phoenix would find love in the city of Dallas? Today’s Wedding Wednesday features a love story for the digital age.

"Alex and ShaKayla’s story begins with a click and a swipe,” explained Jaren, the couple’s wedding photographer (@JCiCreatives.) "They met on and, as Alex tells the story, 'When I came across Kayla’s profile I knew she was the one and prayed for God to make a way.’

"And make a way, God did. In May, ShaKayla and Alex professed their love in a chapel full of adoring family and friends. A carefully curated forest lined the aisle as Shakayla approached her husband. And guests sat breathless as they laid their vows at the alter. That day, God made a way.”

What a beautiful story — and an equally beautiful bride. For more views of ShaKayla’s Madison James “Larissa” gown, click here.

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Want to see more? Check out the gallery below!