Counterfeit Awareness

Brides beware.

With the number of counterfeit websites rising, we strongly encourage brides to be aware of the proper channels of purchasing their Allure Bridals gown.

Too often, we hear horror stories from brides who are struggling mere weeks before their wedding to find an emergency replacement gown for the designer knock-offs they purchased online — almost always from unauthorized Chinese manufacturers. While the low price can be tempting, please be assured that the quality is far inferior, and oftentimes you will spend even more money on replacement gown.

Always check our Where to Buy page for a complete listing of our authorized retailers, if you are concerned about purchasing a bridal gown online. Shop carefully! If you find a price on the internet that seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Click here to view a list of websites known to be selling counterfeit Allure Bridals gowns — don't become the victim of these knock-off websites!

Counterfeit vs Authentic Allure Gown

Counterfeit 1
Counterfeit 2
Counterfeit 3