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Love changes everything...

As Ariel soon finds when she places her heart above all else. Willing to cross oceans for true love, she discovers the world beyond the sea all that she dreamed it to be.

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The Ariel Collection

D310 - Ariel

D310 Ariel 10

Flowing Tulle and Organza

D320 - Ariel

D320 Ariel 03

Pearl and Crystal Beading

DP300 - Ariel

DP300 Ariel 05

Cascading Beadwork

D280 - Ariel

D280 Ariel AD3

Sparkling Sequins

DP270 - Ariel

DP270 Ariel AD6

Sea-Inspired Pearls and Crystals

D260 - Ariel

Disney Fairy Tale Weddings - Ariel

Cascading Layers of Organza and Tulle

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DP250 Ariel AD3

Stunning Back Details

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Your Fairy Tale Awaits...

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